Virtual Deaths Disturbing Filmdom

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There is no doubt that the online world is a very important requirement of today and especially for the entertainment industry where visibility quotient is key. However, the film celebrities are also the most vulnerable targets and they become victims to many pranks.

While some are enjoyable there are those which are not at all pleasing. Prominent among them is the death hoax which goes viral on celebrities now and then. In the south, we have seen instances wherein actors like Venu Madhav, Tamil actress Menaka and others were targeted as dead.

They had to hold press meets to prove they are alive and kicking. The same has happened in the north where veterans like Dilip Kumar were also not spared. The latest victim in that list is Vinod Khanna. Despite responding positive to treatments, a death hoax went viral citing he is no more. This is indeed shameful and disturbing!

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