Senior Tollywood Personality Shaking Industry!

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There are many among us who are wealthy and come from illustrious backgrounds but among them, there are only a rare set of individuals who actually have that charm and aura which drives people. We have seen how power star Pawan Kalyan commands a strong fan following.

Similarly, there is another senior personality in Tollywood who seems to be shaking the industry in his own way. He is none other than Tammareddy Bharadwaja and he is becoming very influential with his thoughts. In Youtube he is giving his opinons on movies and movie related matters.

Latest, he came up with few statements on music director Keeravani’s controversial tweets and the maverick deleted immediately after Tammareddy’s video came out. That shows his power and how his words are creating an impact. He has become a powerful person and is using the media channel perfectly.

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