Deva Katta With Sanjay Dutt Almost Confirmed

By - April 10, 2017 - 10:50 AM IST

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Among the plethora of talented filmmakers, there are a few who stand out. It is not how many movies they make but the way they make it which gives them that special identity. Tollywood has quite a few men like that and here is one man in focus now.

He is none other than the hawk eyed director Deva Katta and it has been quite a while since anyone heard from him. However, the latest update is that Deva Katta has taken a jump to Bollywood and he seems to be coming up with a very promising project.

Well, sources reveal he is going to do the Hindi version of his cult thriller Prasthanam and here is the best part. This is going to have the deadly Sanjay Dutt reprising the role of dialogue king Sai Kumar. As such, the team claims Sanju Baba for the role is almost confirmed but didn’t give full confirmation. Whatever it may be, here’s wishing the best of success to this amazing filmmaker.

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