Nani's Strategy To Bring All Star Heroes Down

By - April 12, 2017 - 10:26 AM IST

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Though there is a lot of harmony around, the element of competition always exists in the film industry and one trend set by a hero eventually starts affecting his contemporaries. Now, one strategy by Natural Star Nani is expected to bring all star heroes down.

Apparently, Nani’s next movie Ninnu Kori has reportedly been sold for a mere 14 crores. At a time when Nani’s movie should be in the range of 20 plus crores, doing like this has shocked many. However, here is the deeper thought.

With this strategy big stars also have to come down in terms of rates for their movies and distributors will be happy. If this happens as expected, Nani will become the real hero for distributors and it will also bring about a balance in the business of Tollywood cinema.

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