Surabhi Family Reborn As Rajamouli's Family

By - April 12, 2017 - 05:31 PM IST

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Karma, this is one word which plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life but then it always works in the shadows. Karma is also related to your birth and sometimes the discussion about past birth also crops up. This concept is now being attributed to the family of tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli.

Apparently, the Surabhi Nataka Samajam was the king when stage drama was in its peak. They used to do wonderful stage plays and many were shocked how they could come up with some lighting and special effects onstage. The point to note is, they are all members of the same family.

Right from child artists to direction team to costumes to special effects, everything was taken care of by the family. Now, Rajamouli’s family seems to have been reborn from Surabhi Family. In the olden days, it was their brand and now Rajamouli’s family is going to create a special place in the history of Indian cinema. This sort of conclusions came for a few after they watched the interview of Rama Rajamouli, wife of Rajamouli.

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