2nd Popular Figure In Pawan Kalyan's Party

By - April 13, 2017 - 12:03 PM IST

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The art of Politics is like running a company and as the boss, you need to ensure even your team gets the required recognition. If that hierarchy is not developed, the system collapses. In the Telugu states, the impact of regional parties is quite strong.

The latest in that happens to be Jana Sena launched by power star Pawan Kalyan. Just like any other new party, it faced criticism that the deputy to Pawan has never been revealed. We don’t know till now as to who it is but here is an interesting update.

Reports are making rounds that the revolutionary Ballad singer Gaddar is joining Jana Sena. For a long time, many thought Jana Sena was like Lok Satta where only JP was known but the situation is changing here. The inclusion of Gaddar will be a big boost so let us hope this happens.

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