Actor's Death Case Shakes The State

By - April 13, 2017 - 11:09 AM IST

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Even an act bites a celebrity it causes a major commotion. Given that kind of sensitivity in this country, you can imagine the situation when an actor is dead and the cause is shrouded in mystery. A major scene is unfolding in the state of Kerala.

This is due to the death of the noted actor Kalabhavan Mani. Though he passed away an year ago, the Kerala High Court has directed the case to CBI to investigate the cause. This has shook the entire state and the doubts that his death was unnatural are growing strong.

The Kerala media is having a field day over all over this and they are making the most of the situation. Meanwhile, the people of Kerala are not feeling too good with the whole thing as they feel the state’s image would get spoiled among everyone.

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