Secret Behind This Vijayawada Court Case

By - April 14, 2017 - 06:00 PM IST

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We have reported to you yesterday about the new criminal case filed against the movie Vangaveeti by the politician Vangaveeti Radha. He has claimed the film has disgraced his father and family. This has led to discussions on why is he doing it now.

Apparently, the film came many months ago and everyone has forgotten about it. As such, the Court has accepted his petition and issued summons to director Ram Gopal Varma, producers Dasari Kiran and Sudheer Chandra. However, here is the inside scoop behind the whole thing.

Incidentally, few lesser known film folks are coming up with movies like Devineni, Ranarangam which have a direct link to the Vijayawada politics and personalities like Devineni Nehru and others. Radha feels that if the case is put others will get scared and stop making movies related to this subject. Let us see how successful he gets at this.

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