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By - April 14, 2017 - 04:28 PM IST

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Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, Urvashi
Music by: S. S. Thaman
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Edited by: Suresh Urs
Production Company: Trident Arts
Based on: Shivalinga By P. Vasu
Produced by: Ramesh P. Pillai
Wriiten & Directed by: P. Vasu

Sivalinga Punch Line: Thrilling
Sivalinga Plot:

Raheem is travelling on the train and a blind man in the train starts walking towards the door. In an attempt to save him he was thrown out unexpectedly which results in Raheem losing his life then and there. The wife of Raheem won't accept it as an accident and the case will be forwarded to CID officer Shivalingeshwaran (Lawrence) on her request. He is a strict officer who is married to a beautiful girl (Ritika Singh) but at the same time, he is also a fun-loving person. The case turns up and down when she gets possessed by some evil spirits. How Shivalinga solve this issue is the remaining story.
Sivalinga Performances:

Raghava Lawrence as Sivalingeshwaran is seen as a CID officer who is very strict. He has done very well as a husband who is messed up completely and it is funny to see. He has shown his skill with the past experience of doing this kind of films in Muni and other parts.

Ritika Singh as Sathya also did a fantastic job as a wife who is possessed by some evil spirits. She will convince the audience with her dialogue delivery, body language and attitude in the movie. She has a long way to go in films in Kollywood.

Vadivelu did well in giving entertainment through his comedy. He has shown his seniority in doing this kind of roles. The other major cast including Shakti, Bhanupriya, Radha Ravi, Urvashi, Madhuvanti Arun, Jaya Prakash, Pradeep Rawat did justice to their roles.

The film has a good mix of comedy and thrill. P Vasu has shown his mark in directing these thrillers and remaking the Kannada hit number. Raghava Lawrence's role has comedy, dances exactly what his fans want from him. The comedy part will be much more than what it is in the Original. Raghava Lawrence has given his 100% as a strict CID officer and it will be thrilling to see him solving the case. Ritika's glamour adds to the film who also did a great job as his wife and particularly in the interval scene, she did an excellent work. 
The film has some interesting sequences which came out as good and gripping. At times, the technical team could have elevated the film with their work but major missing of that happened in the film. The film raises some good points but they were not executed well which is a minus point. The performances are the major highlight in the movie.
In terms of the technical aspects, the film is a bit dull but still, the makers have tried to generate a nice output. Except for the Sivalinga theme song, there is no other song which is appealing. The Cinematography of the film by Sarvesh Murari is colourful. The editing by Suresh is neat. The graphic works are good.The director is successful in scaring the audiences.
On a final note, the film Sivalinga is appeared to be an entertaining one with the right mix of comedy and horror. The viewers will enjoy the tale till the end. It can be regarded as the fourth part of Muni series and the film has similarities in many ways. It will a good one for this weekend to have fun.

- Raghava Lawrence
- Ritika Singh Performances
- Cinematography
- Comedy

- Screenplay
- Routine Plot

Thaman is the music director of the film and he tried his best to make a positive impact but in the end, could not give any refreshing music. The background score of the film is routine.

Sivalinga movie is an entertaining movie with a right mix of thriller and Comedy. Raghava Lawrence acting, Ritika Singh glamour adds as an asset to the film. The dance moves in songs by Lawrence will please his fans. P.Vasu became successful again in portraying horror flick with much comedy this time. It will be much better than the original in Kannada. The horror movie lovers will enjoy it to the core.

Avg User Rating: 3/5

Review By: Rayarao Sriram

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