New Emotional Trailer In Discussion

By - April 15, 2017 - 12:13 PM IST

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Among the most important components that bring audience closer to a film, it is the trailer which plays a key role. There are many instances wherein a trailer decides the fate of a movie. Audience has become so sharp that they can predict the film by watching its trailer.

Now, one trailer has struck a chord with the audience and they are feeling nostalgic and emotional. It is the trailer of Sachin: A Billion Dreams. Helmed by British director James Erkinson, this happens to be a blend of documentary in a film format.

The trailer which had duration of two minutes showed the naughty side of Sachin and most importantly, it is bringing together the entire nation and people from different generations. That’s the mania Sachin created with his presence on the field. No wonder, he is called the God of Cricket.