SIIMA Opens Doors For New Talent In 4 Industries

By - April 15, 2017 - 01:36 PM IST

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The clock is ticking for the much talked about and most waited awards event in the south. We are talking about SIIMA (South Indian International Movie Awards) and this time it is going to take place at Abu Dhabi. And here is an interesting update.

Normally, award nights are all about dance performances, some skits, award announcements that’s all. However, it is heard that this time they are giving opportunity to new talent from all the four industries in the south. A formal announcement will be made on this.

At the moment, even we are not sure about the details as everything is kept under tight wraps but once this comes many will get connected to the event and would be much eager than before to watch it. Keep watching this space for knowing about the announcement.

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