Singer And Comedian Relaxing In America

By - April 17, 2017 - 06:51 PM IST

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Apart from the Telugu states, the next place where you find maximum concentration of the Telugu people is the USA. What started as a fascination became a mania and even today it has not subsided. This has given rise to a new market for the Tollywood circuit.

Today, many celebrities keep frequenting various parts of USA for different events. Recently, one singer and comedian were seen chilling out in America. They are the multitalented Raghu Kunche and senior comedian Ali. The duo was spotted relaxing in Maryland, USA.

Both are from East Godavari and while Raghu does a lot of shows in US as a singer cum music composer, it is heard that Ali has gone there for the shooting of a film. Looking at the duo sprawled casually on the green grass, you can only understand how they are making the most of their free time.

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