Nani's Romance With Vizag's Hot Sun

By - April 17, 2017 - 05:37 PM IST

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The summer season has set in and the sweltering heat is driving everyone crazy. You would obviously want to stay indoors till the Sun sets but the members of the film fraternity cannot enjoy such a privilege. This includes even the biggest of stars.

Currently, Natural Star Nani is getting roasted in the hot sun of Vizag and the humid climate. All this is happening for the shooting of his new movie Ninnu Kori. It is heard that despite the challenging weather conditions, the team is focusing on the job at hand.

From his end, Nani is reportedly giving the best as soon as the camera rolls. With precise timelines and fixed schedules, Nani is ensuring deadlines are met. It is also heard that this schedule is for few weeks so by the time they finish it, you can expect Nani to lose half his color.

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