Akhil's Film Releases After 2 Years?

By - April 20, 2017 - 11:52 AM IST

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You know well that Akkineni prince Akhil had a disastrous debut when his film Akhil conked miserably at the box office. After taking a long break, he has now started his second venture and this is being helmed by the innovative thinker Vikram Kumar.

However, it appears that even this film is facing some satires. As such, the new project has earned the unique record of becoming the first film to be shot in Hyderabad metro rail. This has given rise to the new satires. As such, it will take two years for metro to be properly up and running.

So, some are quipping that it would take two years for people to get connected to this idea of Hyderabad Metro. Having said that, Vikram is a very smart man and it is heard that he has canned a high octane action sequence. Perhaps that should take care of everything.