Content In Sathyaraj's Controversial Speech?

By - April 21, 2017 - 12:41 PM IST

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When the entire nation is looking forward to the arrival of Baahubali-The Conclusion one group in Karnataka is waiting to stop it. The ulterior motive behind that is known to all but then they have taken Satire Star Sathyaraj as the bait and causing trouble to the film.
According to the protestors, Sathyaraj hurled abuses against the people of Karnataka and degraded them. As a result, many are now watching that video where he actually spoke. Well, Sathyaraj condemned Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘eye for an eye’ policy and cited it won’t work in the Cauvery issue.
He also added how Tamils were being manhandled at many places due to their peaceful nature. Also, he cautioned the Kannadigas that they must not provoke Tamil people or else many more Veerappans will arise. He reminded that the struggle for water is about their own water and quipped that when he is sleeping with his wife, why are they bothered. All in all, the speech given few years ago is now showing its full effect.

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