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By - April 21, 2017 - 02:21 PM IST

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Starring: Raashi, Ayina Saha, Sai Ronak
Choreography: Swarna
Art: Hari Varma
Fights: Dragon Prakash
Editing: Karthika Srinivas
Camera: V Ravi Kumar
Music: Sri Charan Pakala
Producers: Naman Dinesh and Vishnu Kumar
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Srimuni

Lanka Tagline: Good In Parts

Lanka Plot:

Sai is a wannabe director who wanted to prove his skill by making a short film. In the process, he initiates the casting process but fails to rope in a heroine for his short film. He finds a producer Satya (Satya) who wanted to act as hero in the same film. They finally find a heroine Swathi who accepts to act in the film but hides the truth that she is an established and national Award winning Malayalam actress. They lock a location and finds a bungalow at the outskirts of the city. Rebecca Williams (Raashi) resides in the bungalow who imagines her children who are already dead. Rebecca knows Telepathy and she starts controlling all the people. In this scenario, Swathi goes missing and police arrest Satya and Sai. What happens after next is the entire plot of the film.


This film Lanka is a perfect comeback for Raashi who is waiting for a big break in the film industry now. Those who have missed a wonderful actress on the screen can happily enjoy her performance on the screen. Lanka is one film that will reveal the goodness of actress Raashi., She is brilliant throughout the film.

Another actress Ayina Saha is good and the song picturized on her came out well. She should concentrate more on her performance with which she can draw some decent offers. Sai Ronak is good in his role. Sijju, Supreet Reddy, Rajesh, Satya and Sudarshan are also a part of the film's casting who did well and made their presence felt.


The basic plot of the film is interesting but the film was included with too many unnecessary elements. The Telepathy concept did not go well with the film's flow. Raashi’s performance during the climax is too good. The comic sequences of the film are good and they evoked some natural laughs. The first half of the film is good than the second half of the film. Also, the production values of the film are pretty good. The treatment was okay but there are some boring scenes in the film.

The interval bang of the film is impressive but the curiosity in the second half of the film was not maintained properly. Too many subplots and unwanted twists are created just to make things interesting but they added much confusion to the film's plot. The first half of the film is too good but second half of the film goes for a toss as too many twists keep coming. The narration of the film is so slow and bad too. The film could have been much better than compared to what it was now.

For a horror film or a thriller film, the technical team should work pretty hard and it is a must. If there is a good technical team, the output would certainly be the best. The visual effects of the film are pivotal and for the film, they are in the poor light. The artwork and the locations chosen by Hari Varma are impressive. The dance direction by Swarna is good and the fights designed by Dragon Prakash are good as well. Karthika Srinivas' editing could have been much crisper as films like these give boredom to the audiences if there are few lags here and there. V Ravi Kumar's camera work is nice. The visuals are grand. The writing is convincing. Unlike the routine writing, Srimuni has tried something different in the film which is convincing in the end. The Producers Naman Dinesh and Vishnu Kumar maintained good production values.


- Raashi Performance

- Story


- Graphics

- No proper Logics


The music of the film is scored by Sri Charan Pakala. This is a different film for him when compared to what he did in the past. He did a good work with the re-recording and elevated some scenes properly.


The graphics are bad. The visual effects could have been much better.


The film has a good plotline but it was narrated in a boring manner.

Avg User Rating: 2.25/5

Review By: Rayarao Sriram