Celebs Throw New Challenge To Police?

By - April 26, 2017 - 02:50 PM IST

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Most of the fashion styles and trends that we implement in our day to day life find their inspiration from the actors and actresses. The cinema industry introduces new trends at all times and they are followed by the youth across the nation.
While that is always the smart thing to do there are also times when the celebs end up throwing a challenge to the police department. Apparently, some of the starlets are now covering their entire face to hide their identity and say this is the best way to deal with summer.
If this culture starts, all would take up the same route and this tends to create trouble for the cops to identify the accused. Point is, by coming up with such photographs the celebs are influencing the Aam Janta also to follow the path. Already, the dark tint from glasses has been removed from cars. Will they do the same with veils also? Let us see.