'Manam' Writer Fumes With Anger

By - May 01, 2017 - 05:08 PM IST

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You all know the success and elegance the film Manam had and due credit must be given to its writer Harshavardhan for penning it in such a sensitive and touching way. But right now, he is breathing fire on something he has been noticing since a while. Here is the gist of Harshavardhan in his own words -

‘I seriously don’t understand why the heck are anchors of TV channels using such vulgar gestures and filthy language in the name of punches and entertainment. Again, I wish to know how Suma gaaru, Pradeep and very few others are being so successful and comfortable without doing the same.  Movies lo aithe okay.. we will have a choice to avoid something that we don’t like.. but television yaa.. and shockingly all the channels are competing in this regard.’

“Today I was shocked to see some kids were actually making such vulgar skits and their parents are thoroughly enjoying them (for time being I consoled myself thinking they are actually obsessed with their kids but not the skits…phew) naaku chaadastham perigipoyindha? Janam chachchubadi poyaara?”  

“Recently one super big celebrity who is supporting such stuff by defining it as 'progress' added that.. "ippudu kanaka meeru amrutham theesi unte utter flop aiyyedhi.. public are  interested in only second language and double meanings".. GOSH .. is that really true?”

Harshavardhan also apologized for bringing in the topic of his famous TV serial ‘Amrutham’ but then he had this to say -

“Have you progressed or gone dumb? Do you think such programs are less harmful than drugs? If no, why the hell are you shutting your mouths? Are we dead mentally? I am asking parents.”

Over to parents and those who Harshavardhan is referring to.

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