Popularity After Death

By - May 05, 2017 - 05:21 PM IST

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You would have witnessed many times that those who pass away are often spoken and remembered in good contexts. It is a belief that nothing bad should be discussed about them. Ironically, the good side is never remembered when they are alive.

And in few cases, some individuals get their much needed popularity after they are no more. This is happening now in the case of the TV actor Pradeep. When he was alive and was featuring in some key TV serials, nobody really showed that interest and inclination.

But today, he is in headlines and grabbing all forms of attention albeit for the wrong reason. It is known that Pradip committed suicide due to a small altercation with his wife. Though suspicions prevailed over the cause of death, the post mortem has confirmed it is a suicide. This is a sad thing to happen and nobody should ever take such impulsive decisions.