Sivagami Enters Into Real Life Politics

By - May 08, 2017 - 10:26 AM IST

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The privilege you have if you become a film star in India is, you carry that aura for a long time. In the last few decades, many actors and actresses have taken advantage of that and chose an alternative profession, that is politics and leadership.

While some rose to great heights becoming Chief Ministers, the rest are also doing significantly well by becoming ministers, MLAs and MPs. Now, another name might join this club. It is that of the ravishing seductress Ramya Krishnan who is now being called as Sivagami for her role in Baahubali-2.

Recently she was sharing her thoughts with the media when someone asked her about political entry. For that, Ramya was reportedly being evasive but strongly indicated that if given an opportunity she would try it out. Let us wait for the official announcement then.

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