Vennela Kishore in Shruti Haasan's Way

By - May 11, 2017 - 04:24 PM IST

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The term crazy combination is quite commonly heard in the cinema circuit and it has to do with successful pairing of heroes and heroines, heroes and directors etc. Reading the headline might make you think the same is happening and you would be stumped.

However, there is an element of connection between the names mentioned. Till date, comedian Vennela Kishore has entertained us with his impeccable sense of humour but now he is ready to show another talent. Well, he is going to lend his voice for a song.

Reports reveal Vennela Kishore has become a singer for the film Ami Tumi and it is going to be a highlight. With this, he has joined the club of starlets like Shruti Haasan who have sang songs for their movies and created quite an impact.

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