50 Year Old Eternally Hot Lady

By - May 17, 2017 - 10:11 AM IST

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If you notice the metrics of film industry for the actresses, the moment she crosses 25 she starts being branded into the aunty bracket and once she touches 30 she is as good as outdated. However, the beauties have been fighting back and breaking the jinx.

This is seen a lot in the Bollywood circuit and it has come to a stage wherein yummy mummies like Kareena Khan are still working as leading ladies. And then there are those who have defied age. One such person is the eternal beauty Madhuri Dixit.

Well, this pretty lady turned 50 two days ago and yet she has not lost an inch of her beauty and youthful look. There is no doubt that even today she makes the hearts go ‘Dhak Dhak’ with her beauty and charming sex appeal. Madhuri is certainly an inspiration to the womenfolk.

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