Highest Paid Celeb Bodyguard In India

By - May 17, 2017 - 04:05 PM IST

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When you see a celebrity in real life and want to approach him or her, the first thing that scares the wits out of you is the burly men next to them. We are talking about the bodyguards and bouncers who keep everyone at a far distance from the celebs.

This is much needed in a country like India and obviously the stress is high for bodyguards of superstars. In this regard, here is one man who is being called as the highest paid celeb bodyguard in India. His name is Shera and he is the bodyguard for Salman Khan.

According to sources, Shera’s monthly salary is a whopping 15 lakhs. Not just that, reports also say Salman has promised to take Shera’s son Tiger under his wings for having a proper entry in Bollywood. Of course, Shera’s expertise in his job makes him worthy of that package.