Train Name For Film Banner

By - May 18, 2017 - 03:21 PM IST

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Your awareness on movies is so strong that just by looking at the banner name you can decide how this is going to fare at the box office. In Tollywood, some banners have that power to attract crowds to the theatres. On the other hand, some interesting names are coming for new banners.

The latest in that list happens to be ‘East Coast Productions’ and this is found by the noted PRO and film reviewer Mahesh Koneru. Those who heard this are stating it is the name of a train which runs between Howrah to Hyderabad stations.

With this interesting name for the banner, few folks in Filmnagar are quipping that very soon you will see banners with names like ‘Charminar Productions’, ‘Godavari Productions’, ‘Rajdhani Productions’, ‘Shatabdi Productions’ based on the names of trains.