Marriage Aftershocks For Allari Naresh!

By - May 24, 2017 - 05:54 PM IST

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You would have noticed this a lot in your life wherein you see your friends going through a major transformation once they get married. Sometimes, they even stop keeping in touch and become very family oriented. Even the film stars are no exemption.

But the aftershocks of marriage for hero Allari Naresh seem to be quite positive. It is known that Allari Naresh has been going through a major slump in his career but here is the good side. Sources reveal his discipline and professionalism has increased a lot.

Grapevine is that prior to getting married, Allari Naresh used to party a lot and attend late to shootings. But now, he is well on time and doing his job without any lethargy. Sources close to him reveal the birth of a baby boy has also made him more responsible and wise. Way to go Allari Naresh!