Tollywood Food Baron Is Back!

By - May 24, 2017 - 06:35 PM IST

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When we say media baron you will immediately know it is Ramoji Rao and if we say liquor baron you would immediately know it is Vijay Mallya but do you know there is also a man who is called as the food baron of Tollywood. Well, his name is Kuchipudi Venkat.

He started off with his first love, film direction and eventually shifted to his passion, food. He came up with a chain of food joints which became the favorite for Tollywood celebrities. But now, Venkat is returning to his first love again, cinema. This is going to be a hilarious comeback venture.

He came up with a formal announcement on this. His next movie is titled as Maa Vaadu America Lo Vunnadu (My Son is in America). Venkat has promised he will make the audience laugh forgetting anything that made them sad. Here’s wishing him a successful comeback!