Baahubali's Chinese Invasion Is Ready

By - May 27, 2017 - 10:49 AM IST

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Finally, the race between the magnum opus Baahubali-The Conclusion and the Bollywood flick Dangal has ended with the latter emerging as the highest grosser in India. It was able to achieve it through its recent release in China and the positive response.
Now, it is heard that the makers of Baahubali have not given up and they are coming up with their move. Sources reveal they are going to compile both parts of Baahubali into a 2 hour 10 minute project and release it in many screens across China.
And here is the best part. They would also be dubbing the film in Chinese and not release it in a Subtitle version. If this news is true it would not only be a challenge per se but if they become successful it will once again reaffirm the stamina of this magnum opus.

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