Full Meals For VFX Business

By - May 28, 2017 - 12:57 PM IST

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Breakfast and tiffins may fulfill your need for hunger but the real delight comes when you have full meals. In business, full means is all about minting huge profits and being constantly in demand. One industry which has suddenly become hot is the VFX circuit.

With films relying largely on graphics and VFX these days, the demand has risen phenomenally. There are many like Makuta Graphics who did for Baahubali but right now it is ruling the roost. Apart from Makuta, many other competent companies are there.

Currently, Geetha Arts is coming with a 500 cr epic, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal coming with a 1000 cr movie on Mahabharata, intellectual filmmaker Krish and colorful filmmaker Sanjay Bhansali coming up with historicals, and down south you have Robo. Given the list, those who are good technically will have full business.

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