Rs 10 Cr For Rajinikanth's Jeep?

By - June 01, 2017 - 04:24 PM IST

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The power of becoming a superstar is that even if you use a kerchief in a film that will start fetching a blue chip premium price. You have often seen how certain merchandise used by big heroes in movies are kept for auction.

Sometimes, there are those enthusiasts who come forward to buy the stuff by shelling out a bomb. Akin to that, reports are now saying the industrial giant Anand Mahindra has approached Style Samrat Rajnikanth with an offer. Well, it has to do with Rajini’s jeep.

Just recently you would have seen the first poster of Rajini’s new movie Kaala wherein he was seen sitting atop a jeep. Buzz is that it is a vintage jeep and Anand Mahindra is keen to take it for a whopping sum of 10 crores. Currently the jeep is being used for the shooting so let us see what happens.

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