Bollywood Is Not Daring To Ignore Tollywood

By - June 03, 2017 - 07:56 PM IST

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For a long time you would have noticed the distinct divide between Tollywood and Bollywood. The situation was such that Tollywood was taking many references from Mumbai. However, all that has changed in the last few years and in fact it has reversed.

Today, Bollywood is constantly monitoring what is happening in Tollywood and they are importing hit subjects from here to Hindi. Many Telugu hits got into remakes and the entire magnitude changed after the arrival of the magnum opus Baahubali.

Now, the new movie Spyder featuring superstar Mahesh Babu has again alerted the Bollywood folks and already speculations are rife on the impact this is going to create. All in all, Bollywood has made it a point not to ignore Tollywood from here onwards.

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