Jokes On Star Heroes' Film Titles

By - June 04, 2017 - 12:54 PM IST

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You tend to think that creativity and creative individuals is found only in the entertainment industry but one look at the social media will reveal what kind of brains are there in our society. Their creativity surpasses even the best in film business many times.

While trolling has become a common phenomenon this time, some net geeks have targeted the big stars of Bollywood and their films. Well, Bollywood Baadshah came with the movie Fan sometime ago and mighty heart Salman Khan is coming with the movie Tubelight.

Looking at this, some are joking that if SRK is Fan and Salman is Tubelight then audience is Switchboard. They imply that when they switch it on, only then both will work. This joke is creating quite a buzz in social media and everyone is having a hearty laugh.

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