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By - June 05, 2017 - 01:25 PM IST

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If you are an ardent fan of Telugu movies then you must be a fan of this song called Krishna Nagare Mama from Neninthe movie.

Lyricist Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar penned this most articulated song on the daily life of a struggler in the film industry. He got a huge name for this song in his 17 years of illustrious career in the film industry as a lyric writer.

He used the famous ‘Krishna Nagar’ word where almost every movie struggler lives in this area.  Well, coming to the lyrics of this song, he starts about defining how a person comes to the industry with the dream of becoming something in the industry. In this process, a struggler leaves everything his/her behind everything including his parents behind to pursue the dream.

He also clearly pens down the financial struggles during the course of their struggles and their dreams to achieve the big slot in the film industry. Bhaskarabhatla tried to erase the bad image on being called as cheaters by some people by his lyrics- "ye mosaalu cheyyam, ye neralu cheyyam, ye ghoralu cheyam" (we don’t do any cheatings, crimes or any other illegal things) in this song.

In the last lines, he clearly stated the society’s ill-treating behaviour towards the film people. In one interview, he shared about his struggle of finding a rented house as he works for cinema.

With the director, Puri Jagannadh’s immense support along with music director Chakri’s striking tune & voice, Bhaskarabhatla fired out this #StrugglerAnthem for the strugglers in the film industry. Fortunately, he got the credit of writing the most meaningful & eye-opening song to the people who sees the film industry as downtrodden one.

We dedicate this special feature article #MondayMemories to ace lyricist Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar Garu on his birthday.

Please check out the full lyrics of this song here-

Krishnaa nagarey mama, krishna nagarey mama
cinemaale lifeu ra mana, life antha cinemaa maama
etu choosina kadhale maama, kada therani kalale maama
pani unte masthu ra maama, ledhante pasthulu maama

Ayyo kannellu unna ayyo kastaalu unna santhoshamey ra
ayyo ee dhaarilona, ayyo ye mullu unna maaku istamey ra
chalo chalo cheyi kalapara maama,thado pedo thelchedaam maama
anukshanam ika struggle le mamma,aina sare vadilellamu maama

Krishnaa nagarey mama, krishna nagarey mama
Cinemaale lifeu ra mana, life antha cinemaa maama

Oh o o o ennenno aasalu unnavi , evevo oohalu unnavi
life* antha cinema cinema ani nila* petti champutunnadhi
kanna vaari kanna oorini unnapaatuga vadilesi vachamu
pichi pichiga nachi nachi ee cine field lo dhookesaam

Ye mosaalu cheyyam , ye neralu cheyyam
ye ghoralu cheyam , ye maakenti bhayyam
tindi unna lekunna maakenaadu problem kaade
setlona light yesthe maa kadupu nidpodhey
one day star ante adhi soosentha veesy kaadhe
yelo, enni yello kaneella kastam undhey

Krishnaa nagarey mama, krishna nagarey mama
Cinemaale lifeu ra mana, life antha cinemaa maama

Shootingey jariginappudu , prati roju pelli sandhadey
cinemaa purthayyinappudu andhariki appaginthale
kodi kootha key ghanta mundu nidra levadam maake sontham
vaanalochina varadhalochina time ki eppudu mem untaam

Mem acting chesthaam,mem fighting chesthaam
mem music chesthaam,mem maagicu chesthaam
matho poye talentu, kasi maalone undhi ra bhayi
yedho oka roju adhi bayata paduthundhi oyi
saradhaaki meerantha maa cinemaale choosthaarandhi
anina memante oh chinna choopu lendi

Krishnaa nagarey mama, krishna nagarey mama
Cinemaale lifeu ra mana, life antha cinemaa maama..

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