'Kaala' Inspired From Real Life Gangster?

By - June 05, 2017 - 11:07 AM IST

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Few days ago you would have noticed that the entire internet was abuzz with only one thing, the poster of the movie Kaala featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth. Helmed by P A Ranjith, Rajini would once again be seen as a mafia don based in the city of Mumbai.

While different discussions took place looking at his car and his look, here is another speculation now. It is known that the film is being made with an 80s backdrop of sorts. Some are saying the plot may be inspired from a real life Tamil gangster.

He is none other than Varadarajan Mudaliar fondly called as Vardha Bhai in Mumbai. Right from the 60s to 1980s it was Varadarajan who ruled the roost in Mumbai and ran a parallel judiciary system. He was quite supportive to the poor Tamils in Mumbai. So, let us see if this speculation is true or not.

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