Luck Factor Surrounding 'Ami Thumi'

By - June 12, 2017 - 04:22 PM IST

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You can have the best of star cast, a brilliant story and a meaty budget but if you don’t have one thing, all this goes down the drain. It is called the stroke of luck. This is much needed in the entertainment industry and many examples can be quoted on it.

The latest happens to be the new release Ami Thumi and here is an interesting story related to it. The film was shot in 32 days by director Indraganti Mohana Krishna and it is heard that this was done in a tight budget. However, the challenge is there were no buyers.

At that point, Indraganti was reportedly in lot of pressure and wanted to release the film on his own but he didn’t get theatres due to the other release Aaradugula Bullet. But as luck would have it, unexpectedly the film got postponed and Indraganti got 200 plus theatres. With a lot of tension he did his own release and now the film has become a rocking hit. Sources say the producer is thanking his lucky stars and saying “If we gave to the buyers we would have gone into losses but now we are in rich profits.”

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