Interesting Poster For Comedy Hero

By - June 12, 2017 - 07:06 PM IST

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Among the important components that make a film appealing and interesting, the poster plays a key role. It is the first visual which sets an impression on the audience. And given the image we have about a hero, we expect a poster to be in a certain fashion.

However, one comedy hero has come up with a poster which is raising interest. He is none other than Allari Naresh and the poster is from his new movie Meda Meedha Abbai. As the title suggests, Naresh is seen perched on a terrace with a binoculars while his opposite home has a pretty girl.

Helmed by G Prajith, the poster gives a vibe that it would be a humorous treat blended with a tinge of good romance. It has been a while since Allari Naresh has shown his true mettle at the box office so this film is going to be quite crucial. Here’s wishing him all success!

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