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By - June 16, 2017 - 01:46 PM IST

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Cast: Pooja K. Doshi, Sai Ronak, Harish Kalyan
Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Music: Prasan Praveen Shyam
Cinematography: Shekar V. Joseph
Songs Director & Executive Producer: Anand Ranga
Writer- Director- Producer: Pattabhi R. Chilukuri

Kaadhali Tagline: Kaadhal All Over

Avg User Rating: 2.5/5

Kaadhali Plot:

Bandhavi (Pooja K Doshi) is a happy-go-lucky Physiotherapist who hails from a middle-class family and enjoys the life as it comes to her in the best way possible. As the time comes for her to get married, she comes across two men (Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan) in her life. The rest of the story is all about her thought process and her travel with the two of them in order to choose one as her life partner.

Kaadhali Performances:

All the three lead actors are newcomers in Tollywood film industry. The female lead Pooja Doshi looks beautiful. She impresses anyone instantly in the first look itself. Her performance is an added advantage too. She performed well with her eyes and if she chooses some good roles in the coming future, she is sure to have a bright future.

There is a lot of ease with Sai Ronak in the film and he has got good dialogue delivery and he is a good dancer. Harish Kalyan is the other young hero who is good in terms of performance but has some things to improve. The supporting actors of the film are not familiar ones for Telugu audiences and they are okay in their limited roles.

Kaadhali Analysis:

The film has got a good story line. The characterizations in the movie are major highlights in the film. The film comes with good characters that we regularly don't see in Telugu films. Even though the faces of the lead actors are not familiar, we take the time to travel with them throughout the film. There is a lot that the film speaks about especially from the woman's perspective. The film touches various aspects from a woman point of view and it makes us think too. The film has all about being a girl and how it is like for her to travel in life along with the others in the society. The concept of marriage and its thought process from girl's view has been shown well in the film.

Her thinking levels while selecting a guy for the marriage was shown well. The way the director hold the suspense in the film is appreciable. It is one of the major highlights in the movie. The triangular love story in the film is a bit different from all those we usually watch. There is a lot of positivity in the film. The film appears and runs in a pleasant manner with no negativity and it is really a good thing in the recent times. The love story was presented in an engaging manner that the today's youth will have an easy connection to it.

The movie does no harm for us but it should have been more gripping in terms of storytelling. In each and every frame, we come across the passion that the director has to make the film. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect debut for the director of the film. The visuals of the movie are absolutely fantastic and the camera man did a great job in presenting all the actors in a beautiful manner. The movie looked rich because of the cinematography and it did add a lot of glam to the screen. The editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is good. The music of the film has a perfect feel that carried the mood of the movie.

Plus Points:

+ Performances

+ Music
+ Cinematography

Minus Points:

- Slow Second Half

- Few Cliched Scenes


Kaadhali is a feel good love story that is very refreshing. The film has its positives and negatives and it could have been much better. Watch it.

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