Director Vamsy Becomes Actor

By - June 17, 2017 - 11:51 AM IST

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In order to be a good director you need to be a good actor, though it sounds strange it is much needed or else it would be tough for you to extract the best performances out of your cast. Those filmmakers who can act well tend to make good movies.

Tollywood has quite a few of them and some have also fulfilled their itch of acting by coming in cameos or special roles. However, one filmmaker who has passed his prime has revealed something interesting. He is none other than cult director Vamsy.

So far you have known him as a filmmaker but now a picture is circulating in Facebook wherein he is seen in a cop’s uniform. While it is not sure which project this is but it is clear that director Vamsy is going to become an actor as well. Here’s wishing him all success for his new role.