Two Heroes Wish To Boycott Sampoornesh Babu

By - June 17, 2017 - 11:55 AM IST

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You know that you need to slog it out to become a good hero and top among that is your personality and looks. However, there are those actors who neither have the looks nor the physique but end up becoming the sought after actors in the industry.
In Tollywood, Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu became an overnight sensation and it appears his impact is so strong that few heroes don’t want him around. An interesting post came up on social media by the noted filmmaker Sai Rajesh who did films with Sampoo.
He shared his thoughts like this –
An actress who knows me couple of years raised this question. When she met two Heroes from Telugu Film Industry ... (Both are struggling or fade out heroes & both are child actors turned Heroes) ....then the topic of Hrudayakaleyam, Kobbarimatta and Sampoornesh Babu came...
"We work out daily for 4 hours to maintain our physique....We listen to many love stories, Horror, thriller kind of scripts. Our hard work to maintain our physique and our struggle to entertain audience is really tough job. But this kind of spoof comedy films and non-Heroic looking guy is a slap and insult to our hardwork and dedication. These guys should be thrown out of Industry. "
One guy is in my friends list....once asked me a favour to act Sampoo in his film...the other one is already faded out because of his bad selection of movies and fitness problems.
But my point is ....Valla vaadhana samanjasamena??? Nijamga kashapaduthunna Kurraallaki, oka fluke hero (vaalla POV lo) ki raavalsinantha peru raakapovatam, vaalla hardwork ki Insult yena? Spoof comedy films gouravaaniki anarhamainavaa? Naaku kontha correct ane confusion loki velli....malli bayatakochaanu....but still ekkado tholusthondhi...
(PS: As a writer, in my opinion, writing any kind of comedy is pain in ass....HK and Kobbarimatta writing ki pettina effort ...10 regular commercial cinema tho samaanam...so I don’t agree with last point)  Please comment your opinion.’
The above would have given you a clear picture about the situation but the question of truth is, who are those two heroes. Take a guess!