Rs. 1 Lakh Per Week For Reality Show

By - June 22, 2017 - 06:48 PM IST

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Your focus as an artist would be either good money or good roles. Most of the times, many give preference to the first because career in film industry is very volatile and unpredictable. But there are also those opportunities which have quality as well as good cash.

One such opportunity is the upcoming TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ to be hosted by young tiger Junior NTR. Reports reveal two participants would be selected today and those who are spontaneous with intelligence and presence of mind are the favorites.

Here comes the best part, the participants are going to get weekly 1 lakh as the remuneration. This is the least in the table and if the celebrity profile is there the weekly remuneration is much higher. The final touch is, the prize money is 1 crore plus for the winner.

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