Introducing the sharp journo Malini in 'PSV Garuda Vega'

By - June 29, 2017 - 05:43 PM IST

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Praveen Sattaru-directed PSV Garuda Vega stars Dr. Rajsekhar as an NIA officer.  The high-budgeted movie throws up a range of interesting characters, mainly the menacing villain George (Kishore of Kabali fame) and the not-so-regular housewife of the main lead, Pooja Kumar (of Vishwaroopam fame).
Shraddha Das, who played a hilarious lady gangster in Guntur Talkies, will be seen in a contrasting role in this entertainer.  The director has envisioned her in the role of a contemporary journalist who is always keen to break the biggest story out there.  That's an Arnab Goswami in the making for you!
"A Bengali by birth, Das has portrayed the role of Malini to perfection.  She was a journalism student herself, and so, she kind of knows pretty well the demeanor and lingo that are expected of a journo," the makers chip in.
Also starring Adith  Eswaran (of Katha and Tungabadra fame) in a full-fledged role that is on a par with Rajsekhar's, the film also sees a sizzling song featuring the popular Sunny Leone.  Nasser, Ravi Varma and Charan Deep are the other members of the NIA team, while Adarsh, Shatru and Ravi Raj are playing hardened assassins who are professional killers.  
The talented Srinivas Avasarala is playing a comic role.  Expect Ali to murder science as a psychologist.  Brace yourselves to also watch '30 Years Industry' Prudhvi as a nymphomaniac (yes, he is sexually too greedy!).  Posani Krishna Murali and Sayaje Shinde will once again be seen as politicos, rivals at that.  

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