Heroines Crying Over 'Ninnu Kori'

By - July 08, 2017 - 10:29 AM IST

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Lately you would have heard many heroines stressing upon how they are looking for performance driven roles and characters which have a strong connection with storyline than just the regular romance and dance. There are also few filmmakers who give strong importance to heroine characters.

The likes of Mani Ratnam, Sekhar Kammula, Gautham Menon and others often give a substantial weight to their leading lady in the movie. Now, it is heard that few heroines are crying over one movie. It is the latest release Ninnu Kori featuring Natural Star Nani.

The leading lady happens to be the stunning beauty Nivetha Thomas and those who saw the movie are floored by her character and of course her riveting performance. Few starlets are lamenting why they didn’t get such a chance. Grapevine is also on that a big heroine was approached for the role but she rejected the offer as she felt Nani was not her range. Well, she must certainly be kicking herself if this news is true.

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