Two Uncles- Very Practical And Meaningful

By - July 11, 2017 - 12:00 PM IST

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Just like we tend to bracket the actresses who are nearing 30 as aunties we also tend to bracket the actors who are 40 and plus as uncles. Tollywood has quite a few but in a place where diplomacy and tact is key, there are few exceptions who mince no words.

The two uncles in discussion today are Prime Star Jagapathi Babu and Angry Star Rajasekhar. Whenever he gives an interview or interacts with the media, Jagapathi Babu gives a very practical and straightforward set of statements. He is also known to speak black and white about things.

Now, even Rajasekhar has joined that bandwagon wherein he is giving practical and contemporary statements related to certain things. Most latest from him happens to be his wholehearted willingness to allow his daughter Shivani to become a heroine. This is indeed a new wave we are seeing in Tollywood.