Shocking Twists In Drug Scandal!

By - July 14, 2017 - 04:23 PM IST

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With each passing day the tentacles of the drug menace is engulfing Tollywood in a big way and this time one honest cop seems to be keen to set things straight. It is known that Akun Sabharwal, director of excise and prohibition, is taking proactive measures to scuttle the drug mafia.

In this regard, he has now come up with names of Tollywood celebrities which has brought many skeletons out of the cupboard. The likes of Puri Jagannadh, Charmme, Subbaraju, Navdeep, cinematographer Sam K Naidu, actor Tarun and others are in the list.

While the named celebrities have pleaded innocence, it is also reported that Akun Sabharwal is facing immense pressure and he has decided to go on ten days leave at this crucial juncture. What remains to be seen is who the real culprits are, whether they would be brought to justice or whether things will be silenced using money and power.  

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