Nandu Became Superstar Of Today

By - July 15, 2017 - 01:47 PM IST

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Your only chance of surviving in the show business is by having maximum visibility at all times and garnering mileage out of it. Those who implement it properly always prosper and then there are those who are deserving and talented yet fail to make it big and are eventually forgotten.

The young actor Nandu is a noted name in Tollywood and he shot to fame after marrying the famous singer Geeta Madhuri. Within no time, he proved his mettle as a strong performer. But currently he is grabbing headlines for another reason.

Any news channel you take, Nandu is seen giving bytes and interviews. This has to do with the drugs issue and SIT gave notices to few Tollywood folks. All of them said yes received and added they are going at a particular date. That’s the byte they gave and kept calm. On the other hand, Nandu didn’t receive the notice but since TV channels took his name also he got hurt and started giving interviews everywhere. Those who saw his approach say his handling and flow is nice.

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