Spotlight: NTR In 'Bigg Boss'

By - July 17, 2017 - 10:23 AM IST

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Amidst all the apprehensions and the excited anticipations which have been surrounding the reality show Bigg Boss the first episode came up and as always all eyes were on young tiger Junior NTR. This episode was all about introducing the house participants to the audience.

While the list seems to be evoking mixed reactions and some feel the chosen ones may not really generate that energy and craze, all have gone bonkers over the energy levels of Jr NTR. He is not only looking dapper in his suit but has kept the show alive with his onscreen adrenaline.

The analysts are stating that whenever NTR comes the episodes are going to get some very good TRPs but the real deal will be known once the cameras focus on the Bigg Boss participants. For now, Junior seems to have given the best start for this show so let us hope for the best.

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