Box Office Winner Today

By - July 21, 2017 - 10:56 AM IST

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Today is Friday and you know what happens when this day arrives. New movies hit the theatres and given the recent trend, multiple releases have become a common feature. In Tollywood, a total of five movies have prepared to take the litmus test at the box office.

They are Fidaa, Vaisakham, Vasuki, Team 5, Maya Mall. Though there are five in number only one movie seems to be emerging as the box office winner. It is Fidaa featuring mega prince Varun Tej and natural cutie Sai Pallavi. The film is helmed by the soft spoken filmmaker Sekhar Kammula.

Reports are arriving that the film has struck a chord with the youth in a large way and also the urban audience. With eye feast visuals and riveting performances from the lead pair, the film is engaging the audience in a big way and they are saying this is a worth emotional treat. Congratulations to Fidaa!