Filmy Escape From Media

By - July 25, 2017 - 04:30 PM IST

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You get to see some scenes in movies which look very unrealistic and filmy but truth remains that a lot of it happens in real life too. A common scene is a baddie or a person to be protected is changed in various cars before he is brought to destination.

Something similar happened in real life now. It is heard that art director Dharma Rao alias Chinna adopted this strategy to evade the media. Apparently, Chinna is to report to the SIT and respond to the drugs case related queries. From the time his name came out, he is being hounded by the media.

As a result, sources say Chinna changed three different cars before he made it to the Abkari Bhavan. While he was successful in dodging the media from his residence, he was finally caught by them at the Excise Office. All in all this Filmy Escape has become hot news in Filmnagar now.

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