More filmy folks to sit before SIT!

By - July 25, 2017 - 06:11 PM IST

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Until somedays back, things were pretty normal in Telugu Film Industry and now, it is totally unclear who would sit before SIT for an interrogation in drugs scandal. Now that close to half a dozen technicians and actors are done with questionnaire, more people of industry are likely to gain notices  from Investigative team. 
On other hand, actress Charmme, Mumaith Khan, Ravi Teja, Tanish & Nandu are lined up to face the Special Investigation Team. Director for Excise Dept Akun Sabarwal threateningly claimed that 'department will not stand in favor of anyone from any sector' while striking at some false discussions among public and social media. However, that didn't stop the potshots at SIT by maverick director RGV, who's unhappy for only projecting film industry. 
The director on Monday put forward a new argument in his style. In a series of Facebook posts, he says the 'investigation is tarnishing the image of Hyderabad and also damaging KCR's reputation among rest of people in India.' 
RGV further said 'Mumbai people admired KCR like anything and now they are shocked that what doesn't happen even in Bollywood and also Mumbai and Punjab schools is happening in TRS government in Hyderabad schools.' What RGV said may be little right but it is most-than right to cleanup scandal and keep up the 'brand Hyderabad' for generations. So, with the clues provided by those who are done with investigation, Akun and team may issue next round of notices to film industry folks very soon. 
However, going by these developments, it only looks like more number of film people are likely to undergo SIT's questionnaire. And it's extremely important that a settled solution to the scandal be found soon to put back Industry to normal.

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