'A' Certificate Issue Shaking Industry

By - July 26, 2017 - 12:39 PM IST

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Just like there is a love-hate relation between the media and the film fraternity, there is also another battle that is constantly on. This is between the film industry and the censor board. Things got quite sticky after Pahlaj Nihalani became the censor board chief.

The latest from him is, Smoking scenes should not be there in movies especially the ones where heroes are shown smoking. If the scenes cannot be avoided, the film would get an A certificate. Well, this issue has begun shaking the entire film fraternity because smoking scenes are quite common.

According to Nihalani, showing a disclaimer is of no use. While that may be so, there is also another truth. Normally, if A certificate is given to a film kids are not allowed to those films. However, it is not being implemented strongly by the cops so let us see what happens now. 

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