2nd List Of Drug Victims Coming Today

By - July 26, 2017 - 12:00 PM IST

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The nightmares for Tollywood are ongoing ever since the Excise department has cast a net over the celebrities. Already big names have been called for interrogation and as if that is not enough, a new fear has begun making rounds. This has to do with a second list.

Since the last few days, there was a talk that a second list is also being prepared and many more celebrities would be nailed with it. A lot of publicity happened but it was soon quashed down as a baseless rumour. However, it appears this rumour is actually a reality.

Latest reports reveal the chances are high that a second list of drug victims would be unveiled by the Excise Department and the process of interrogating them would continue. If this be true it is going to be a very big black mark on the Tollywood folks so let us wish it is not happening.

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